Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is CleanPath Resources Corp (CLNP.pk) a SCAM?

(Ken Lewis' "Helper" in the CleanPath / Re-load "Business")
Read All About it
Is CleanPath Resources Corp (CLNP.pk) 
Also Known as Re-load

Phone Numbers Associated with Selling of these Kiosks:
561-309-9876 is Ken Lewis’ (CEO:CLNP) Cell Phone

702-868-3379 - This is the Cell Phone of ROBERT R. PONIKVAR

AKA: Rudolph Ponikvar, Robert Marks, Robert P Marks

203-987-9527 - Paul Dee getpaul@inbox.com
34-3 shunpike rd 
Cromwell, CT 06416

Ken Lewis & the Illinois Secretary of State

The answer to that question 
will be easy to answer 
after you read the following posts:

CleanPath Resources = Re-Load = Ken Lewis & Robert Ponikvar

Just Because:

Ken Lewis is Banned From Illinois
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Ken Lewis has a Long List of Previously FAILED "Business Opportunities" 
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Ken Lewis's Accountant is an Ex-Con who was Declared Indigent 
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CleanPath's "AGRONIFIER" "Technology" was used in Another SCAM
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CleanPath/Re-Load want YOU to Pay $20,000 for a Non-Existent KIOSK in Craigslist
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The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR is Helping Ken Lewis
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The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR is Has a Questionable Past with Penny Stocks
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The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR and Ken Lewis Write Things that Are Not True
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The Ex-Con ROBERT PONIKVAR and No More PROBATION -- Yea!!!!
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BioSwan (CleanPath's Partner) is in Court Over The DEATH of a Patient
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A Blog from 2005 Has Called Ken Lewis' "Operation" a "SCAM"
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CleanPath /Re-Load is being Run from Ken Lewis' Rented FL House
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CleanPath/Re-Load Own NOTHING
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Ken Lewis' Business' were Called a "Fraudulent Business" by the IL SOS
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CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - SALES TOTAL:  $5.83/Day !!! 
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CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - 7 Hour Energy & Sloppy Work Habits
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Ron Serota Owns 50% of CleanPath Stock (CLNP.pk)
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Ken Lewis and his Emails and Deception 
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CleanPath Resources /Re-Load is ALL Ken Lewis
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CleanPath Resources /Re-Load - A Home-Base "Business"?
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Some of Ken Lewis' Previous Distribution "Businesses"
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Ken Lewis' - Best Beef Jerky Opportunity
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Ken Lewis' - Air Bush Tanning Opportunity
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Ken Lewis' - Rhythm Rooster Opportunity
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Ken Lewis' Re-Load Trademark CANCELED
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Ken Lewis' "Company" REVOKED in Nevada
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Ken Lewis' - Re-Load Inactive in Florida 
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Ken Lewis' Gives Stock Tips to Insiders?
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Ken Lewis and his Funny Tweets
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Cleanpath Resources (CLNP) and that FUNNY KIOSK
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Robert Herman and Cleanpath Resources (CLNP) Part I
  Robert Herman and Cleanpath Resources (CLNP) Part II

Note: Credible Sources and Links Provided in Each Post - So you can CONFIRM the FACTS

CON MAN - a person who swindles another by means of a confidence trick 



Please feel free to have all the CONFIDENCE with..

Ken Lewis and Robert Ponikvar

CleanPath Resources Corp (CLNP.pk):

CleanPath Resources (CLNP) is "Re-Load" 

CleanPath Resources' (CLNP) website is:

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CleanPath Resources (CLNP.pk) 
Ken Lewis
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Robert Herman Damon Hill Infinity investments Fraud Scam